OU Marvecom is dedicated to providing aviation jet fuel procurement services for over 1,500 corporate aircraft worldwide.

Our customers know they can trust the service provided to them in making their trip seamless. OU Marvecom has been making available these services for over ten years.Our team of experienced professionals is committed to sharing the vision of serving the needs of flight departments to provide the best price and service in today's volatile fuel market. We achieve this vision by constantly staying abreast of the world market conditions, negotiating with global, national and local suppliers.

OU Marvecom stays involved in every aspect of the fuel business. We focus on maintaining close customer relationships to ensure we are meeting our clients' fuel purchase policies. Our premier agent network assists in coordinating and ensuring delivery of our client's fuel uplift in a timely manner.

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November 10. 2008

OU Marvecom has all approvals
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